Located in the heart of Coconut Grove, FL, The Last Carrot is a true staple for anyone in search of a healthy lunch fix.

From salads , sandwiches , fresh juices, smoothies to delicious spinach pies, you truly can't go wrong with anything you pick!


With this project the goal was to refresh overall brand design, while looking to promote convenient healthier eating. The biggest obstacle was eliminating the use of third party apps like uber eats, eat-24, or postmates so users would be encouraged to use The Last Carrot app to generate in-house revenue for the business.

style guide

primary font

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secondary font

atmosphere script

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mind mapping

A mind map is a graphical way to represent the ideas and concepts driving a project. It's a visual thinking tool that helps with structuring information, helping to better analyze, comprehend, and generate new ideas for the task at hand. Below you will find two different mind maps exploring "The Challenge" at hand which led to "The Approach" taken.  


​​The aim of this wireframe is to provide a visual understanding of this app early in the project to get the client's and project team's approval before the details in the creative phase begin. It can also be used to create an overall sense of navigation to ensure the terminology and structure used for the app meets the user's expectations. 

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the logo

The logo is one of the most important pieces of a brand's identity. It's the face of the brand, and often the first impression that your audience gets. You have one opportunity to break through the clutter and visually introduce your brand as relevant and authentic.

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the product

Tools: Adobe XD, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects.

Design Process:

Restaurant apps take the searching and ordering experience and digitalize it. To examine the user experience, I broke down the challenge into 5 parts/experiences.

1. Sign Up/Sign In (Optional)

2. Put in your location (For Delivery Purposes)

3. Browsing the menu

4. Selecting an Item and adding it to the cart.

5. Checkout

I framed this project to optimize user experience with The Last Carrot's existing fresh feeling while also providing a sense of reward after checkout completion.


This experience was also designed thinking of the owner, not only the user, to give users the desire to return to the app in order to generate revenue directly to the small business instead of a third party company.

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Asset 2.png
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Asset 12.png
Asset 10.png
Asset 11.png
Asset 9.png

Sign up or Sign in.

Put in your location!

Browse for what fills those cravings! 

Throw it in the cart.

Check out!

How can we make people want to use this app instead of Uber Eats?/Eat 24/ Postmates?:

carrot rewards


How does it work? For each purchase made through the app; whether in store, for pickup, or delivery, you get carrot points towards a future purchase. After every six purchases through the app, you are rewarded with a free item of your choice.

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