What's up?! We’re Caitlin Bonet and Darius Bounds, design partners at Studio CDB. We work together from our home in the Silverbluff neighborhood in Miami, FL. We both graduated with a Masters of Architecture degree from Florida International University (where we met), so it’s safe to say we make a pretty good design team. In our free time, we love taking trips down to the beach with our dogs, Link (whippet) and Boseman (aussiedoodle).


We drink two full pots of coffee a day (black) and our favorite vacations involve skiing down mountains. When we aren’t together, Darius is reading articles on his phone or practicing code and Caitlin is working out or researching all-natural products and clean food recipes. We look forward to our trips to Trader Joe’s and Starbucks and we love hosting impromptu parties at our house for all our friends!